Pathology Services for the Black Country

Behind the scenes there is a lot of work going on as we develop our pathology services. Bringing together four Pathology departments requires lots of planning. The different disciplines meet regularly to take this forward.

Sustainable services for the future

The four NHS trusts in the Black country have offered excellent pathology services both to their hospitals and to surrounding GPs. However there are pressures on the service and these include: Implementing new innovations is expensive and sometimes needs larger organisations to be efficient and effective. Attracting scientists and medical staff to work in NHS laboratories is increasingly difficult and taking a network of departments forward is seen as very attractive. We will be reconfiguring our services so that modern pathology is relevant, timely and sustainable into the future.
We are a probably the largest employer of clinical laboratory staff in the West Midlands conurbation. Our vacancies are advertised on NHS jobs. At present we are interested in: Consultant Histopathologists HCPC registered Biomedical Scientists in several specialities. If you feel that you have the skills we need then do contact us on:

Information about the tests we do

Our pathology laboratories offer a huge range of tests which are used across healthcare both in hospital settings and also by General Practitioners. Many patients are now much more interested in understanding the tests that are being undertaken. There is lots of medical information available on the internet. Lab tests on-line has been specifically developed for patients and healthcare professionals as a source of professionally produced information for pathology tests in the United Kingdom.
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