BCPS Quality

The quality management team is responsible for ensuring all aspects of our quality system are implemented across our laboratories. This includes ensuring all regulatory and accreditation requirements are met. The key organisation that oversees our quality system under ISO 15189 is UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service). All our laboratories adhere to the principles of UKAS accreditation and we are working to maintain or gain accreditation in all areas of BCPS.

Key quality goals

As we take our new pathology services forward important areas that we are working on include: Creating a single quality management system using Q-Pulse Developing a clinical governance model across our laboratories that fits in with governance in each of the NHS trusts and also the CCGs that we serve.

UKAS update 

We have surveillance visits planned for a number of our departments as follows: Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust                                   Spring 2019 Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust     Spring/Summer Walsall NHS Trust                                           Working towards UKAS accreditation Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust                  Visit took place in November 2018


One area that we are working on immediately is to streamline primary care incident and complaint management. We intend to move to a system whereby primary care reports directly to BCPS rather than to local trusts. This should decrease response times and reduce administration allowing swifter actions to issues as they occur. BCPS will take full responsibility for investigating incidents and helping to correct them.

Q-Pulse coming soon

A single quality management system is being procured to be used right across the BCPS laboratories. Q-Pulse is already used by Dudley and Wolverhampton. It will become the basis to document control  across the BCPS. For labs using other systems we will see a move to the new system in an evolutionary way so that we do not compromise current processes.     

Key quality contacts

BCPS Quality Manager Katy New katy.new@nhs.net  BCPS Deputy Quality Manager Vikki Banton v.banton@nhs.net 

BCPS Feedback Postcard

What’s it all about… We have produced feedback postcards for use across BCPS. The idea is that all our users are able to easily interact with us. You can comment on things that we have done well or suggest things that we can improve on. The use of feedback postcards can include: Supply to users, this gives a simple means on commenting on our services. Printed cards and electronic versions are available Keep a supply next to telephone extensions in laboratories The postcard can also be used for projects/initiatives where we want to gain feedback on services that have been implemented. Our GPs are being sent a supply of feedback postcards and if you require some for your laboratory then please contact the quality team by emailing: bcpspathology.info@nhs.net
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