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Your feedback has always been important, be it a suggestion for improving our service or comment on something we do well. We would really appreciate it if you could complete a postcard and send it in to us when you have a suggestion or comment. This can be done in two ways: Download the postcard here and email it back to us with your comments Send it back to us in the GP transport with your samples that are collected daily If your supply of feedback postcards is running low and you require more then please contact the quality department by emailing:

Call Centres

For results and advice: Clinical Chemistry 01902 307999 ext 8266 Haematology 01902 307999 ext 8245 Microbiology 01902 307999 ext 8257 Cellular Pathology 01902 307999 ext 8277 Immunology 01902 307999 ext 5279 Phlebotomy 01902 307999 ext 5673

Pathology Brochure

Our services are designed to improve patient experience. To download our pathology brochure
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Pathology Consumables

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ICE Instruction Sheet

To help you correctly order tests we have designed a crib sheet. This has step by step instructions. Download our requesting information sheet
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To order your consumables please go to our on-line form.

For further information on tests and reference ranges visit our site
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Tests and Reference Ranges
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