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For results and advice: Blood science call centre 0121 507 5162 Microbiology 0121 507 4261 Serology 0121 507 3530 Histology 0121 507 5371 Immunology 0121 507 4258 Toxicology 0121 507 4134 Phlebotomy 0121 507 5151
The aim of this handbook is to provide the users of SWBH NHS Trust with key pathology information helping you to work effectively with our laboratories. This handbook covers key information for patients and users such as location and opening times of laboratories, instruction for completion of request form, preparation of patient, collecting samples, transport of samples, patient consent. For more detailed information see individual departmental handbooks, here you will find additional information such as examinations offered by the laboratory including, samples required, sample volumes, special precautions, turn round times, reference ranges and clinical interpretation. To access this please                      
Consumables include Request forms Sample tubes & phlebotomy consumables Collection bottles for urine,stool & sputum screening. Blood tubes are available from pathology reception on both sites. City Site: 0121 507 4221 Sandwell site: 0121 507 3520 Pots for histology samples can be requested directly from the Histopathology department.

Guide to choosing

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Innovation & Service User Feedback


Your feedback has always been important, be it a suggestion for improving our service or a comment on something we do well. We would really appreciate it if you could complete a postcard and send it in to us when you have a suggestion or comment. This can be done in two ways: Download the postcard here and email it back to us with your comments or Send it back to us in the GP transport with your samples that are collected daily If your supply of feedback postcards is running low and you require more then please contact the quality department by emailing:

Pathology Handbook

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Guide to

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Pathology supplies
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Patient Phlebotomy Centres

We have phlebotomy services for our GPs at our major hospital sites. We also undertake phlebotomy at a total of 18 sites within the community. Download the location leaflets to give to your patients Locations and phlebotomy clinic times are included Details on preparing for your tests are on the reverse
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Our key aim in Pathology is to ensure that our clincial laboratories deliver relevant services for the diagnosis and treatment of the patients we serve. We have an emphasis on continually increasing efficiency and working to develop new innovative services that can improve patient care. Pathology uses different areas of science to help study human disease. Our department offers a full range of services to our service users. We are a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited medical laboratory. Our UKAS number is 8407 accredited to ISO 15189:2012. You can find the detail of our accreditation on our UKAS schedule here; . Any tests that are not appering in the schedule are not UKAS accredited. These tests are however performed by the same trained and competent staff.