BCPS Strava running club

Strava If you are on Strava why not join the Run BCPS club? If you are new to Strava all you have to do is download the app, follow the steps and join the group. It is a fantastic way of keeping track of your progress and be able to see how everyone is doing. Letting off steam at a parkrun The parkrun events are held every Saturday at venues all over the country and increasingly around the world. Around a quarter of a million people now get out of bed on a Saturday and run 5km at 09:00 to start their weekend! Many BCPS Pathology staff already do parkrun. If you want to participate all you need to do is register at www.parkrun.org.uk print off your bar-code and away you run.

BCPS Garlic Challenge

No garlic shortages after Brexit for BCPS staff! The garlic challenge has been a bit of fun to get our new pathology identity known. There are now over 300 garlic cloves overwintering all over the Black Country in pathology staff gardens. You can see how the garlic is doing on the BCPS Pathology TV News channel here.
So many of you have had a successful garlic growing season. If you grew your garlic in a greenhouse then it may be ready to crop. If you planted outside then it will be ready before July. When the outer leaves start to die back properly then it is ready to pick.
Sample reception staff with their garlic close to harvest.
Crop the garlic when the outer leaves die back. Leave to dry with leaves on.
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